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My current series of constructed collages is called “Historic Preservation” and it started when I went in search of a rigid surface to do encaustic painting on. I found salvaged boards in my shop from the remodeling of my 1950s-era house with wonderful layers of paint already on them. It took me years to come up with a use for these boards and when I did I realized I could not cover up the strata that communicated the passage of time and lives lived in my home. Since I have worked in a number of jobs for historic museums and archaeological sites this is a natural outcome in my art. I am looking forward to “channeling” more stories from other architectural structures.


This series feels a bit like a larger version of the “chest art” jewelry I made years ago since it involves manipulating and arranging different materials, objects, and art media. From wood burning to carving, drawing to encaustic painting, salvaged objects to cast ones, these pieces make use of a variety of crafts. One of the main tools I use is a radial arm saw my father bought in the 1960s. His skill as a craftsman and do-it-yourselfer and his love of tools has had a profound effect on me and my two older brothers. I, however, was the one to inherit the precious Dewalt.   

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